Infinity Leadership

Infinity Leadership exists to enrich as many lives as possible. We do this by creating exceptional leadership in the organisations we work with.

Exceptional leadership delivers sustainable results and enriches the lives of staff, customers, partners, shareholders and community stakeholders.

We partner with clients to understand your context and desired outcomes to ensure that we design and facilitate highly engaging, practical, action-oriented programs that deliver results. Our depth of knowledge about leadership and our values of creativity, presence and authenticity will be evident in the way we engage with you as a client and in the way we engage with participants in our facilitation.

Please enjoy this short video as a brief introduction to our purpose and philosophy on leadership…

Our Values

About Us

Lee H WIlliams

Founder and Managing Director

Lee is a specialist in leadership development, culture change and executive coaching with substantial experience working with senior leadership teams. Lee brings a unique blend of personal, professional and academic experience to his clients, working with them to cultivate leadership practices that create an effective leadership culture throughout the organisation.

Lee has a diverse career background that adds a depth of practical experience to the leadership development and executive coaching he offers. Lee has designed and/or facilitated leadership and coaching programs for a wide range of clients including a large international aid agency, CISCO, Macquarie Group, Bendigo Bank, CBA, Zurich Australia, PwC, PPB Advisory, Telstra, ORACLE, NSW Health, UNSW, Macquarie University, The Royal Australian Navy, the ABC, SBS and more.

Lee has facilitated leadership programs for senior and mid-level leaders in over 21 countries across all continents. Many of these have been for leaders operating in very challenging environments such as conflict zones and major emergency relief operations. As a result, Lee has developed a pragmatic and highly effective approach to helping people translate leadership theory into relevant practices on the ground that have a real impact on results.


Executive Leadership Teams:

From our engagement with Infinity Leadership, an already well functioning team became a much more effective and high performing one through a deliberate focus on our team culture and how we interact with one another. We were all quite shocked – positively so – at how sizeable and quickly multiple concrete examples became apparent of how our changed behaviour made us more impactful as a team, despite being in multiple geographic locations. On top of increasing effectiveness, the changes in team dynamics has made our working together simply more enjoyable and positive, despite working in what can often be a very fast paced and stressful environment.

Senior Leader - Global Humanitarian Organisation (team is Responsible for USD $1bn budget)

This year has been far more stressful than usual yet, work/life balance across the team improved. We spent the same amount of time at work, but we had more quality time. Our Customer Focus score has improved, but this has been driven by other variables related to how we work together as a team. We always delivered results, but we were far better individual business leaders and executors rather than a cohesive group working together. It looks like we learnt to like each other. Very powerful!


Executive Coaching:

Lee was recommended to me when I took on a new senior role and wanted to make a conscious step change to how I operated in a leadership context. He brought together a unique combination of a strong understanding of business world, astute personal insights and access to really useful tools and models. It was a pleasure to work with Lee. The experience was challenging, enriching and always offering a new insight or perspective. I walked away from each experience with Lee feeling like I had really tangible things to put in to practice, ultimately leading to me achieving my goals.

Director - PwC Australia

Leadership Facilitator:

It was an environment in which everyone felt comfortable being themselves, and the way in which learnings, challenges and ideas bounced around within the group was excellent. Lee’s facilitation and leadership of the event and the way he brought so much of himself to the program was fantastic.

Partner - PwC Australia

Global Partnerships

Infinity Leadership works with a global network of trusted associates to provide scalable tailored solutions to meet specific client needs. We have highly experienced facilitators in Africa, Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia Pacific.

Through this associate network we have contributed to large scale, global cultural transformation projects by enabling effective leaders at Senior and Mid-level to cultivate leadership at every level in the organisation.

Our associate network is a treasured asset. We have cultivated close relationships over many years based on trust, mutual respect and delivery excellence. We only work with experienced people who share our values.

This network provides diversity of age, gender, cultural background, skill and experience resulting highly innovative and effective engagement with clients.


Infinity Leadership is growing in Africa. Led by our Kampala-based consultant Sonia Rees, we are actively growing our business in Africa. We aim to enhance leadership capacity of Executives, General Managers and Middle Managers in multiple industries and sectors across the African continent. Our extensive experience with large humanitarian organisations and corporations in Africa positions us well to engage African leaders in a unique leadership conversation. Our coaching and leadership development experiences open up enormous potential for shifts in leadership mindsets and practices that, not only drive business results, but make people’s professional lives more satisfying and meaningful.

Sonia Rees

Sonia’s humility and authenticity creates a safe space for leaders to engage in open and honest reflection on who they are and how they lead, guiding them to define their unique pathway to realising their full potential as highly effective leaders. She is an exceptional communicator with experience in fostering strong business partnerships, negotiation, conflict resolution, team-coaching and project management. Sonia  coaches senior leaders in a number of well-known global organisations.

Testimonials from Leaders we have worked with in Africa:

“As an African woman, your training and coaching empowered me and I am full of confidence and very well armed to tackle my new challenge as Senior Finance Officer”

“The facilitation was extremely good. The exercises and activities are very well designed and link to one another quite well ensuring that learning at every stage is very well reinforced. Most importantly I got out of the training with a good toolkit of management approaches that I can start applying immediately.”

“Sonia is a great personality and great facilitator. Thanks for allowing her to share her time with us.”

“I appreciate Sonia for having opened our minds to learn to focus on ‘I’ as a leader. It was a very interactive session, very participatory and the facilitator was very knowledgable and appreciated the fact that we are adult learners. I look forward to the next training


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