Infinity Leadership

The Camera Never Lies

How effective is your virtual sales pitch?

What impression are you making as you deliver your monthly Town Hall?

Do you look and sound credible in your online Board presentation?

Are you building trust with clients through empathy and connection?

It’s never been more important to become skilled in effectively communicating across a virtual environment. Connecting with people through a camera and microphone requires technical skill and personal mastery.

We have partnered with Professional Film and TV Actors to help you to hone your Virtual Communication Skills. 

Our course combines the skills of effective leadership communication and the personal mastery inherent in the acting profession to ensure you are creating authentic connection to you and your message as you engage with clients online.

For more information and a free video download ‘The Camera Never Lies 101: Fundamentals of Connection in a Virtual Environment’

The camera never lies – best figure out how to connect with people through it!